Frequently Asked Questions

The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before.

– Neil Gaiman


Photo shoot outtake. Model: Will Simmons

What is the Parallel History Museum? – It is an ongoing collaborative art and speculative fiction writing project. The format is that of a museum website. Artists make objects then writers create a fictional history for that object. They set their story in parallel universes, where events on Earth happened differently from our own. It is an exercise in storytelling, design, and world building.

Is there a real brick-and-mortar museum? – No.

Are the exhibits ever available for viewing in real life? – Yes. Keep an eye out on our events page and social media channels for more information.

What is the Parallel History Museum’s purpose? – We want to create, and encourage the creation of, compelling speculative fiction. And we want to feature the work of artists and writers so they can find a supportive community, an audience, and patrons.

Where do the items in the museum come from? – The items in the museum’s permanent collection and exhibitions are gathered or made by artists known as Parallel Historians.

What is a Parallel Historian? – Parallel Historians are creative people who share a love for, and understand the importance of, speculative fiction. They make or find the featured items, write the descriptions, take the photographs, and maintain the Parallel History Museum.

How do I become a Parallel Historian? – We’re always looking for more collaborators. They can be any kind of creative person. If you made, or want to make, or found, an object you think has the potential for good storytelling, contact us. If you want to collaborate but don’t have a clear idea of what you want to make, contact us anyway and tell us your field of interest. Experts and enthusiastic amateurs are equally welcome.

Is there a fee to join or collaborate? – No.

What kind of items does the Parallel History Museum usually accept as submissions? – We want any visually interesting or unique item. We are most interested in featuring objects that showcase a collaborator’s skill.

If I submit an item, or write an entry, and it gets featured on the website, do I still own it? – Yes.

Can I comment on the items? – Yes. Near the bottom of almost every entry is a + icon. Click on it to reveal the “reply” option.

How do I sign up for updates? – Every page of the website has a large + symbol at the bottom.  Click on it to reveal the “receive updates” option.

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Do you have more questions? Brilliant! Ask them through our contact page.